Friday, March 29, 2013

A handknit headband, for earbuds that stay put

A couple of weeks ago when I was starting to question my sock-knitting obsession, I grabbed a circular needle and yarn leftovers on my way out to a lecture on travel in Italy.  I cast on while waiting for the doors to open, and I cast off before the talk was done - it was that easy to be able to pack this in my carry on bag:

Originally I wanted noise-canceling earphones for this trip, but after revisiting the hand luggage restrictions for my flight I decided all I really care about is masking enough noise so I can sleep.  The most compact solution to that, short of an iPhone or something that plays music while doubling as everything else you want on a trip, is an iPod shuffle with earbuds... if only I could get those things to stay in. 

So I whipped up a headband to do that job for me.

It's quite amazing how much warmer my head feels with just this band covering my forehead - something I'm likely to appreciate on the plane.  And if the hotel turns out to be noisy (likely) I'll be a lot more comfortable sleeping too.

I've loaded up this Shuffle with one thing on several hours' worth of repeat: the sound of heavy rain on flowing water.  It's the same sound I use every time a couple of my neighbours sit out talking on their patio till 4 or 5 am (by which I mean, most nights from spring till fall that are not actually rainy) and if it can tune them out, it can do anything.

Now, you can absolutely use a stretchy terry cloth hairband from the drugstore to hold in a pair of earbuds, but if you want to knit one like mine I can give you the basic directions.  I know you'll forgive me for not writing this up as a whole pattern because a/ When? and b/ So simple.

Earbud Security Band

Needles: 3.25mm, 16" circular or double pointed needles, or size to obtain gauge
Yarn: 20g sport weight wool (I used Twisted Fiber Art 'Playful' in Le Cirque colourway)
Gauge: 20sts and 32rows = 4"
And: 1 marker

Cast on 120 sts, add marker, and join to work in the round being careful not to twist.
Round 1: *K2, P2; repeat from * to end of round.
Repeat Round 1 13 times more.
Cast off, as loosely as possible, in K2 P2 pattern as set.

Run in ends and enjoy!

And I think that's it for me for a couple of weeks.  If I'm able, I might post something random just for fun, and I'll also post some contact information for anyone not able to download a pattern (thank you, Trish!).  But first: packing, and letting my housesitters know where the secret stash of shortbread is lurking.  Probably this will occur in reverse because hello, priorities?

I hope you all have a wonderful start to April and I promise to post lots of yummy pictures when I'm home again.  Until then, knit some good stuff!

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jezz said...

Safe travels! We will miss you!