Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Some yarn I bought to knit with

I should really mark on my calendar the days I buy yarn (or maybe the days I don't buy yarn) just to increase the mindfulness factor.  I definitely have a problem with this, though I do my best to knit it up as fast as I can.  Anyway, club yarn doesn't count because it's just one skein in a whole month - it's the Twisted Fiber Art purchases at the end of each quarter that look bad.  You know, by looking so fantastically good.

In my defense, I should just mention the temptation here is that the six colours in each club are exclusive to the club and only very rarely dyed again for general consumption, so you really have to buy anything you love in the few weeks they're on offer.  So it's not all about me having no self-restraint.

Here is some 'Boreal' I couldn't understand why I didn't get during the club, because I love these colours.

I like to get a coordinating semisolid when I buy stripes from Twisted, because it stretches the stripes out so much farther.  I can get so many little projects out of a skein of stripes plus a skein of solid, and any solid left over can be manually striped with any other leftover solids in the same weight.  Of which I inevitably have a lot.

This one was a bit of a surprise though.  For some reason I thought it would be black in person, and it's purple.  I'm sure I will find a use for it (hello, socks?) but it's not going to be the black fingerless gloves I'd been thinking about.

After I pondered these colours for a while I realized that I did in fact get some Boreal in the club:

It's fine fingering weight though.  I really have no clue what I'll make with this because I'm not knitting much of that weight these days.  Maybe I'll weave a scarf, which would be stunningly beautiful and maybe even make a great man gift.  You think?

(or maybe I should do a big glam cowl thing and wear it with the socks.)

I also bought two skeins of always practical, sport weight Playful in this colourway, called Verona:

This is stuff I definitely didn't get in the club.  I did receive a sample of it and wasn't overly inspired, but when the club ended and we got to buy whatever we liked/could afford in any of the six colourways, I saw it on my computer screen and thought


I'm sure this had nothing to do with the supercold temperatures at the time. But honestly, it does get a bit boring to wear nothing but black legwarmers all winter long and these stripes are fabulous.

Later - but before the window of opportunity closed - it occured to me that I should really buy a matching semisolid as well, in case I have enough stripes left after my legs are done to knit a matching hat.

But apparently I chose to do that in a different yarn base (Duchess) and throw in a skein of Duchess striping as well.  H'mmmm.  I wonder whether I was thinking of socks to match the legwarmers, as well as a hat?  That seems a bit excessive even to me.

Be that as it may: I am dying to cast the legwarmers on, and it's kind of a miracle I haven't done that yet.  The miracle in question being the one about not wanting to sit and wind skeins into cakes when there is other knitting within reach.

Okay, I'm off for a full day of no knitting at all and then quite a lot of knitting all at once.  That's a pretty good schedule, don't you think?

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