Tuesday, March 19, 2013

So many socks, so little time, even less brain

I seem to be on the mend at last, and therefore am finally unpacking from my micro-holiday last week.

Sock explosion!

That's just... so many socks, and the Spring Peeps ones aren't even there for some reason.  The original Circus socks came along for the ride I'm not exactly sure why now, and of course the Joyous ones got their toes grafted and then were completely ignored even though they have a ton of ends to run in, and the second Circus socks got knit upon.  They went pretty long in the leg because I'm doing the feet entirely in black and I wanted to be sure I merged into that from a good place in the colour transition.

The Peeps, you saw yesterday.  (I really tried to make progress on them last night, but kept nodding off on the sofa even though it wasn't quite 7pm yet.  On the mend: does not equal all the way better.)

That's just... a lot of socks, isn't it.  And yet I cast on some more because I think you guys are right, I really do need to have some for the trip even though I will have next to no time to work on any. 

More on whether these are even viable for travel on another day.  Right now, it's enough that they are past their cuffs and onto straight mindless knitting for whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Instead, the big thing I wanted to say is - and I hope that Trish is looking up from her spot on some sandy beach somewhere, lucky thing - last night while I was desperately pushing the second Peeps sock to the end of its gusset, I suddenly thought something.

Not: socks are boring.

Not: if I have to knit another stitch of sock I'm going to lose my mind.

and definitely Not: I hate sock knitting.

but I did think:

h'mmmm... kind of getting Trish's point about socks.

I was one decrease short of the end of the gusset at the time and that part does constitute a bit of a strain.  I'm sure I'll forget about it once they're both onto their feet.  Or, you know, when I switch over to two sport-weight gussets knit entirely in black because omigosh those second Circus socks: such a good idea... not.

Well, anyhoo.  Thought I'd flag it because maybe it's a sign I should knit something other than socks for ten minutes.  You think?


Leslie said...

I've been in start mode the past two weeks. I have several socks started (and am desperate to cast on those spring socks...gorgeous!), a shawl, two sweaters, and a block-a-day blanket. I'm loving all the variety. It's just what I needed to herald in a very reluctant spring!

UmmRania said...

I wish that I loved knitting socks because I do love wearing them. At this point in time DH has 2 pairs, I have 1, and all 3 kids have 1 pair. Everyone in the house likes handknit socks, but they are NOT on my list of favorite things to knit. I cast them on and then knit them only when I cant knit anything that needs thinking (like in the bus or waiting at the playground). I think what I really need though is some stripey sock yarn, that might get me over the hurdle!

Unknown said...

I have two socks cast on, one set for me (second sock) and one set for my 9 year old daughter. But I just cast on for a sweater. I'm hoping for a snuggly, wear it every chance I get around the house sweater. I think it'll be ready by fall, LOL! Have fun on your trip!!

I'm almost to the point where I never have to wear commercial socks. Yeah!

Trish said...

YES!! I heard it! You are on the road to starting to agree with me... (and there are witnesses...)