Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Circus sock progress

Wanting to work on my Circus socks has really slowed down my Joyous sock progress, but it's all going to be a wash because they will both be done and blocked in time to go to Italy no matter what.  Isn't it nice that both of these black and white socks are coming out so matchy?

If only they matched enough to have matching heels and maybe even gussets.


And now to finish.  All I need is a couple of nights of not needing to research trip things, or shop for luggage.

The carry-on dream, dashed

Speaking of luggage, I'm now checking a bag.  I hoped not to have to especially since there is a connecting flight through Europe and I'm pretty sure that is going to increase my chances of lost luggage, but the restrictions for hand luggage on that connecting flight are so teeny tiny I've had trouble finding anything to fit within it that is more useful than a purse.  Even then, I could live with having a very small space for all my stuff but

hello: Italy?

I'm gonna be bringing home a lot more than I left with.

Wearing a lot more than planned

In other Italy news, I found a couple of supercute skirts that work great over leggings just short enough to show off the handknit socks I want to bring.

And then I thought to look up the dress code for St. Peter's in Rome, which requires women to cover their shoulders (no problem, I'm all about the cardis) and... knees (???)

Do knees count as knees when they're covered up by leggings?

Fortunately, both of my new skirts are jersey with a waistband that you can adjust to rest at different points while preserving your dignity, so I can improvise them both down to Just Below The Knee.

The next day I talked to my friend Angela, who has been to St. Peter's before.  Her advice:

Buy Pants.

le sigh.

(maybe I can find slightly cropped pants that won't look stupid with my Mary Janes, and show off some sock?)

Seriously though, I'm going to be in churches pretty much every day I am there, and while most will be more casual than the Vatican's about accepting the odd kneecap or two I know that Angela is right and I need to go shopping again because Pants: I effectively have none.  Gah! my dream of more knitfestings: dashed.

In the meantime - whatever you have to do today, I hope there is some knitting in it, however stealthily achieved.


Leslie said...

My experience with churches in Italy was that every single one of them had a dress code to cover shoulders and knees. I wore capris and didn't have any issues, and some people had the zip leg shorts/pants (WHY???). I didn't see anyone turned away for leggings, but they did turn people away for too-short skirts and shorts...

Mary Keenan said...

GAH! I am going to have to rethink my whole micro-wardrobe, aren't I...