Monday, March 11, 2013

A sneaky tip for matching handknit stripes

(except for running in all those ends...) I finished knitting my Circus Socks, yay!

and then I kind of looked at the yarn that was left over... and got out the scales... and I thought, really, I could squeeze another pair of socks out of the remains if I patterned the leg and left the foot plain black.

The trick: making sure the stripes matched on said leg, with very limited yardage for error.

The solution: matching both balls of yarn up at the point where the colours shift most dramatically, then pulling back on both strands until there was just enough for a tail on the shortest one, then running a tiny strip of contrast yarn through both strands, pulling them aside from each other, and snipping the contrast in the middle.


And also, hello!

I left the contrast yarn marker just outside on the tail end of the first stitch on both socks.

and... they don't quite match, do they.  Well, it is hand-dyed yarn after all, and there are always going to be subtle differences in colour lengths, and then of course there are differences in tension and... Gah.  Think I should rip back the shorter one and start a few inches before the contrast yarn?  (don't answer that.  I might have cut the excess tail already, which is probably a thing not to do when pursuing this knitting tip.)

Of course, now that I'm going to have two pairs of black and white socks for Italy I'm realizing that it's going to be about 70 degrees F there and sunny, and I will not want to be wearing these thicker Playful socks at all.  But I'm still having fun knitting them.

And that's really the point, isn't it?  So much more so than having stripes that match perfectly. Ahem.

Hope your weekend went perfectly, knitting aside (is that possible though, with knitting aside?) and I'll see you tomorrow!

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