Thursday, March 14, 2013

I'd rather be knitting

Yesterday I passed by a window overlooking partially wet pavement and thought, with some longing: what perfect weather for knitting a scrumptious cashmere something or other.

Instead I got back into bed to drink more tea and empty another box of tissue.  Yep: once again, I have managed not to make it through a winter without getting a wicked cold.  I really thought I'd pull it off this time, too!

Fortunately I have a full supply of teas and honey, including a very special honey from bees my chiropractor keeps out in the country.  Although I understand there's no proof of honey helping with sore throats or colds, I swear that stuff is magical (as well as delicious.)

Tool Time

I also have rather a lot of knitting needles and crochet hooks on my desk, accumulating with each mail delivery as I ponder what crafty things to do while I am away from home next month, and order all sorts of the tools I might need to perform them.

Looking at my little stack of 5" long KnitPicks harmony wood double pointed needles, and the Addi Sock Rockets, and the hefty Addi bamboo crochet hooks, and having just been on a little holiday already as a sort of test run, I'm almost - almost, mind you - thinking I might not do any.

Is that possible do you think?  rather a lot more than two days without knitting or even thinking yarn?

The thing about knitting is that while I don't have to look down to do much of it, I do have to sometimes, and am I not going to want to be looking up all the time, even if it's out of bus windows, while in Italy?  In cafes drinking espresso, will I not prefer to keep my mind on the fountains across from my table?  In the Vatican - and I'll be there three days straight - will I be allowed to bring needles anyway?

I'm leaning toward packing something very portable just in case, and not beating myself up if I end up not working on it.

Packing Light, Sock Edition

Meanwhile, I'm also accepting that I probably won't want to take all - or in fact any - of the handknit socks I had earmarked for the trip.  It's going to be pretty warm when I'm in both Florence and Rome and the various stops in between, and everything I have is wool because even though I had this great idea to buy bamboo-based sock yarns last fall to knit up for spring, I seem not to have done that.  Bit late now: by the time I recover from this cold, I'll have about two weeks to knit socks, and based on past experience that should result in most of one pair.

I am pretty sure that having even a whole pair of handknit socks to wear for nearly two weeks would be more heartbreaking than not knitting for the same amount of time.

And a brief break for YAY

Less heartbreaking: it seems I'm going to get to see Pompeii on this trip.  I am pretty darned excited about that. 

Quiz Time

While stuck in bed I'm also pondering with increased energy what to do about Hugs while I'm gone.  For about three weeks I will either not have internet (or indeed computer) access or I will be too busy or too exhausted to publish anything here.

Which would you prefer, assuming this concerns you?

Door Number One: pre-written posts popping up every weekday

Door Number Two: a "gone fishing" sign for the duration

Nap Time

Okay, now that I've pushed some of that decision-thinking off to you, I'm heading back to my blankies and boxes of tissue.

Have a good day yourself, and try not to pick up anything nasty!  Which of course leaves you wide open for picking up knitting.


Leslie said...

Sorry you're sick. Hope you feel better soon. I vote for the "gone fishing" sign...with promises of lots of goodies when you return.

And my advice is to take SOME knitting. I have not had luck finding yarn/knitting stores in Europe and when the urge strikes you won't have access to fix it! I find I knit a lot in the hotels at the end of the day and definitely on the plane. I slept on the busses (unfortunately)and read on the trains. You'll won't finish most of what you bring, but there is a bit of peace of mind knowing it's there.

UmmRania said...

I hope you feel better soon! My favorite to help when sick is to cut up some fresh ginger and put it in a mug with half a squeezed lemon (the juice squeezed into the mug and then just drop the whole lemon in it too) and a spoon of honey, add boiling water and its a great fresh ginger tea! It tasted good and it seem to work great.

I would take something small, for times like before bed, I mean 1 skein of sock yarn and 1 set of needles is really small and its nice just in case!

As for the blog, whatever you want, its your blog!

Marianne said...

I would take something for the long plane ride at least. Plus the fact that there may be evenings that having the knitting will bring you back to your center so as to have a more restful sleep and re-energize!
As for the blog downtime, first off I'll really miss your posts, but my dear, put up the "I'm Outta Here for A While" sign up, do not worry we all will be here patiently waiting for all the wonderful pictures and stories of your trip!!

linda gaylord said...

find some lovely bamboo or cotton sock yarn and the right size needles, and take that for your trip knitting--and you might even come home with a finished pair of spring/fall socks.goodness knows that you will want something to do on a plane!
as for the blog while you are on vacay--a "gone fishing" sign would be quite appropriate while you are away.but make sure you take lots of notes and pictures to fill us in on your adventures in italy as soon as you return to posting! bon voyage!

Trish said...

Okay, a little late to the party, but just had to say POMPEII! SO envious!!!
And you know I'm happy to be your post-it person while you're away...