Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Quick, let's look at some yarn

I am in dire need of yarn therapy after a long holiday weekend.  There is just so much wrong with that statement, don't you think?

Unlike other people featured in magazines and ads, instead of relaxing I always seem to spend the bonus time on some unglamourous decluttering or renovation project, and this weekend's was especially grueling.

(I cleared out and consolidated the dining room hutch and the office hutch, both of which have served primarily as catchalls for the past five years. It took two days.  The third day, I had to do all the other boring house-y stuff that didn't get done because I was doing that.)

There was almost no knitting at all.


So let's look at some yarn!

These are my circus socks from Twisted Fiber Art (Le Cirque, on Playful base yarn), now proceeding nicely since I decided on the right(ish) needles. 

You may notice that I'm using very long double points for these - 7" if I recall - in spite of having purchased 5" ones in this needle size.  That's because the 5" needles are all tied up with the Dapper socks, and apparently I have no patience.

I remember being really annoyed by these 7" needles and buying the 5" needles specifically to put them to rest.  Now that I don't technically need to use them though, I am loving them: the ends rest on the heel of my palm as I work, and they feel sort of elegant, the way fine silverware feels in your hand at a fancy dinner party.  I'm finding the whole knitting process quite peaceful.

Also I love how the stripes are spacing themselves out over the length of the sock, in spite of having used contrast colour for the heel.  Sometimes that throws off the sequence, but not this time:

If the stripes on the second sock come close to matching, these are going to look incredible on.

A third love: the way the purl side is looking.

I am really starting to wonder about socks worn with the purl side out. 

If I could figure out how to run in the ends neatly enough, and I was sure the socks wouldn't wear out faster (the loop side might be more vulnerable, do you think?) I would totally wear socks this way. 

I just think the blurring effect, on top of this gradual colour change, is fantastic.

Wouldn't it be nice if I got to work more on these today?  Wouldn't it be nice if you got to work on something yummy today too?  Let's hope for the best and I'll see you here tomorrow!


Erika said...

I have not tried to knit a pair of socks yet.. Or used DPN's for that matter I'm still new :) working on a hat and a pair of fingerless gloves. I love these striped socks, very cool & something I would totally wear. I have always been a funky sock type of person so I really can't wait till I feel confident to make something like these. I feel your pain as far as organizing, there are so many areas of my life that need it LOL.

Mary Keenan said...

Socks are so much easier than I thought they'd be, Erika - when you do get to them you'll do fine :^) (just be prepared for how many pairs you'll want once you start wearing them... so addictive!)

Erika said...

Oh I am sure! I already have a ton of easy or beginner patterns picked out to do of scarves, shawls, tanks-anything easy LOL I LOVE socks so when I do try knitting them I will become addicted so long as I can do them with no major headaches..