Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Thrummed mittens, remembered

The other day I was moving some things from one catch-all basket to another and found my handknit-by-somebody-else thrummed mittens.

How could I have forgotten these things?? I bought them specifically to keep my hands warm this winter (and boy has it been cold) and also to remind me of the cottage (and boy have I been missing the cottage.)

All I can think of is that I got distracted by all the twined mitts and wore them instead.

Meanwhile, I went ahead with those magical knits and then suffered over not having matching (or at least, non-clashing) mitts.

Honestly.  I really have to get more organized.  Or maybe this is just a sign that I'm not only knitting too much but also thinking about knits too much, since I can't remember what I've got.

At least we're all reunited now, and there are still a few weeks left of snow and cold. 

um, Yay?

1 comment:

Erika said...

These are so adorable!! You are not the only one unorganized! I have so many beads & stuff to go with all my jewelry making supplies Kevin is forever after me to clean up the bead room!! But my new thing is the knitting so now with all my magazines & skeins that is starting to take over too! Whats a girl to do?! Did I mention the chronic back pain I have so its literally impossible some days to bend over so how am I to clean & organize?? Sigh..