Friday, February 15, 2013

Knitting some very dapper socks

One of the reasons I didn't get your Valentine's present ready on time is this:

I've just been completely sideswiped by the love of knitting socks in Twisted Fiber Art's Duchess yarn.  Even inside out: they are gorgeous!

I really love the way stripes blur more on the purl side, don't you?

I've knit socks in Duchess before, for me, and as I type this I'm wearing a pair: they are soft and squishy and (in my house) just the right weight for sleeping in or lounging with a good book or - oh, let's face it, knitting and a movie.

This colourway is 'Dapper', for which I fell hard a long time ago and then had to wait to buy because it wasn't in production for a while after that.  It comes with two semisolid matches - light brown or denim blue.  Of course I loved both and bought both, and when I finally got to knitting with it I had to use both.

This is where the real Valentine's problem happened, casting on the second pair with blue trim.  If I hadn't done that... but I couldn't help myself.

I even love the bag I had free when I started knitting:

It's a tiny happy bag, of course, vintage linen lined with vintage cotton, with a tag on the side I use for parking safety pins (or, as I think of them, row markers.)

You've seen this bag before I'm sure but isn't it nice how every knitting project picks up different colours from the embroidery?  Or maybe all you can see is the red, which apparently is tops with my camera.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend with knitting in it you enjoy as much as I'm enjoying my dapper socks!  Take care, and I'll see you Monday.

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