Wednesday, February 20, 2013

When bad things happen to good socks

I've been knitting socks for about four years now, and I have quite a few pairs, and nothing at all bad has happened to any of them in my care.

Until Now.

Sock Incident #1

Remember my Fire Monkeys?  I made them just about exactly three years ago.

Well, look at them now...

... isn't it awful?  Not quite a hole, but definitely one thin thread away from it.  It's not surprising in a way because I've worn these socks more than any other pair.  I wash them by hand, they dry on a rack, I take them back upstairs and back on they go, to repeat the process as quickly as possible - I even reach for them in the summer, if I need to wear socks for some reason.

Still: gah! After three years, you get to thinking that socks are immortal (as opposed to just not mortal.)  I have to decide whether to snip open the toe and reknit it, or just darn the weak spot.  I think there's less choice than I'd like, because they've been slowly felting inside my shoes and boots which will make picking up live stitches a bit of an ordeal, but I'm still hesitating after a week or two of knowing I have to do something, so there must be some appeal to the snipping option.

Sock Incident #2

This one is much worse.  Normally my socks end up in my room waiting to get back into the closet at the end of a journey back from a very warm room in the basement, but the other day this lovely alpapca pair


made it back after a ride in the laundry basket.

Odd, I thought, as they fell out with all the other machine-washed and dried clothes.

Oh Nooooooo! I thought, as I realized they had accidentally gone through both the washer and dryer.

They still fit.

They just don't look exactly the same as they did before... or feel it, frankly.

Now my question is, what's up for #3?  Or can I just hope that the two halves of this pair constitute the second and third things that fulfill the 'comes in threes' syndrome?

While I wait to find out, I will wish you a very fine day with no sock tragedies in it! Take care, and I'll see you tomorrow.


Erika said...

What lovely socks!! My Mother is in the process now of finding a darning egg, mushroom etc -whatever you call it to repair socks of hers & mine.
If you decide to darn the first pair will you post pictures? That would be great thanks!

Mary Keenan said...

I sure will, Erika! I still haven't been able to decide what to do though... there's still enough connected that I might be able to do a duplicate stitch and pull it back together that way. Might be the best compromise?