Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Seeing stripes in soup and knitting

Last week a friend gave me some delicious soup mixes:

and when I say 'delicious', I refer of course to the colours (though I'm sure the soups themselves will also be delicious when I can bear to pour them out of their tubes.)

I love them.

I can tell that I love them because I unpacked the soup tubes onto my counter and didn't just put them away; normally I would be sensible about that sort of thing, because: Small Kitchen.  Then, every time I went back into the kitchen which was often, because in spite of being Small the kitchen does a lot of different jobs which demand visits, I would just stop and gaze at the soup.

Or, you know, take pictures of the soup, some of which turned out better than others (did I say Small Kitchen, or Small Dimly-Lit Kitchen?)

It's the stripes.  I look at these tubes and see socks.  Beautiful, beautiful socks sort of a lot like these ones I made a couple of years ago with club yarn from Knitterly Things...

Except maybe a little more textured, because the texture in the soup tubes looks pretty awesome.

(think I need to get out more?)

1 comment:

Trish said...

LOL! I have a soup log that I've had for years - kept uncooked because I like the look of its stripes!