Monday, June 30, 2014

Pop quiz: what kind of a knitter are you?

You know the quizzes that run in those ladies' magazines that don't feature a craft column?  I thought we needed one here at Hugs.  One that could run as a craft column, I mean.

knitting personality quiz

What kind of a knitter are you?

1. You're walking in your neighbourhood and spot a stick with two sharp points at the ends.  You pick it up and recognize it as a knitting needle.  You...

a/ take it home - after all, it's sharp, somebody might step on it and hurt themselves - and use it to stake one of your houseplants.

b/ look around, knock on a few doors, ask your neighbours whether they have lost a knitting needle.

c/ all of b/, plus panic and empathetic stress-sweat.  You post 'Found' posters with your number on the bottom and flag your find on a local Ravelry forum in case the owner is a Raveler.  I mean, a lost needle??? how will that knitter finish that project?

2. You're hosting a gathering and are shopping for party nibbles at the grocery store.  In the dairy department, you spot some creamy goat cheese.  You...

a/ go for it and then pick up a bag of carrots.

b/ get two packages because creamy goat cheese is great for dips and spreads and you never know what people will want.

c/ say EW! and turn away in horror.  Goat cheese will totally smear all over the cabled vest in progress that you've set aside specifically for this get-together, to say nothing of your friends' projects.  Because naturally what you're catering is knit night.

3. You're on vacation in a new place and, while strolling through its shopping district, spot a yarn store.  You...

a/ think, 'how charming', and consider stopping in for local colour.

b/ turn to your companions and say, "Let's go in. It's important to support small businesses like this, and I was thinking of starting a new knitting project."

c/ go in immediately because it's not that you 'spotted' the store, you 'located it.'  Naturally, you planned the entire vacation and your accommodations around any yarn stores in the area.

4. It's movie night and you're about to settle in for two hours of sitting and escapism.  You...

a/ tug a blanket over your feet and get comfortable.

b/ tug a blanket over your feet and get comfortable with the sweater project you started after you went on vacation.

c/ tug a giant bag of yarn over your feet and get to work on making a blanket.

5. While out with friends, somebody suggests playing 'what's in your bag?'  When it's your turn, you empty your purse/briefcase/messenger bag to reveal...

a/ paperwork, your wallet, a compact umbrella, a magazine, your cell phone, house and car keys, and the other half of a sandwich you didn't get to finish at work.

b/ your wallet, some makeup, a knitting magazine you picked up to read while waiting for your friends who are always late, your cell phone, house keys, and a half-empty package of gum.

c/ your wallet, a compact sewing kit, a hat you started knitting this morning on your way out the door, your cell phone, your e-reader fully stocked with every pattern book you own, the cuff of a twined mitten you thought you might have time to work on today, house keys, and a pair of socks in progress.

6. You are househunting with a real estate agent.  When asked to list your priorities you say...

a/ proximity to public transit, a private driveway, one more bedroom than there will be people in the house so you can have an office, at least two bathrooms, and a kitchen with two entrance points.

b/ parking for two cars, as many bedrooms as there will be people, a den as well as a living/dining room for guest room potential, all at a reasonable distance from work perhaps a shopping district that hopefully includes some sort of craft store.

c/ a bright sunny room to knit in, and a large room you can dedicate specifically to your yarn stash; you're okay with a long distance from work as long as there's public transit nearby, because 'more knitting time!'

7. It's your birthday and you get to do whatever you want.  You...

a/ sleep in, meet friends for a meal, go for a walk on the beach, take in a concert, and blow out candles.

b/ take a day trip to that amazing sight you've always wanted to see but never made time for; you bring friends, eat some cake, and wear the sweater you made after that great vacation you took.

c/ knit for as long as you like, no stopping to do anything for anybody.  Bliss!

8. Your best friend's birthday is next week.  You want to give something really special so you...

a/ find out when s/he's available and block off that part of the day to treat your friend to something fun like ice cream and mini-putt, or a comedy show, or lunch in that great new restaurant everybody's talking about.

b/ all of a/, plus a handknit gift you made with leftover yarn from your sweater just for this special day.

c/ book two spots in an amazing lakeside knitters' retreat for next year.  You guys have always wanted to go there together but it's always sold out before you can make it happen.

9. It's time for the big family reunion picnic party.  You unload your cooler from the car, unpack its contents onto the picnic table, and stake out your spot for the day, which is...

a/ a nice shady lounge chair at the side of the pool, not that you'll be in it much because Swimming!

b/ a nice shady lounge chair near the picnic table so you can visit with Aunt Gertrude and help her set up yarn for the blanket she's guaranteed to be crocheting for one of her grandchildren.

c/ a nice shady lounge chair where you can hold court; everybody's going to be coming to you, because you are the maker of everybody's Christmas socks, and they will be currying your favour.

10.  You look around the house and decide it's a bit messy.  You...

a/ tidy it up.

b/ tidy up enough to have something to show for the effort, then get distracted by the scraps of yarn still left over from that now long-ago sweater and pick up that old knitting magazine to see how much yarn you'd need for that other sweater you kind of liked.

c/ ignore it.  It will only get messy again, besides which, the best way to clean up is to knit the stray balls of yarn into useful items.

Ready for your scores?  Allow 1 point for every 'a' answer, 2 points for every 'b' answer, and 3 points for every 'c' answer.

10-15 points: Hello, Nice Person: Are you sure you're a knitter??

15-23 points: Creatively Bent: You are a healthy-minded knitter with a good life balance.  You should really think about casting on a hat, though.

23-30 points: Monarch of the Yarn-o-Rama Kingdom: You might have a bit of a knitting 'problem'... which means your friends and family are probably very, very happy (and warm.)


Trish said...

So there's nothing wrong with scoring a 'c' on every question, right? (and about question number 8, Mary...)

Mary Keenan said...

I pretty much looked in the mirror while composing the C questions ;^) and yes, YES re. #8!

Anonymous said...

Q5 - you forgot D, which is the same as C, minus the wallet, because either you forgot it while packing in the knitting, or you no longer had room for it, and pulled out one banknote to cover (non-yarn) emergencies.

Not that I've ever done either variant of D :-D

Mary Keenan said...

Omigosh Helena, D!!! It's true - I kept hunting for a purse that was bigger and weighed less *specifically* so I could have room for knitting and a wallet ;^) (answer: the mid size LeSportsac purse - even has a zipper vent in the front section, to fit emergency yarn purchases or a bigger than usual knitting project)