Wednesday, March 4, 2015


The maple singles are blocked and caked and ready to go:

but I still have no clue what to knit with it.

And really I can't knit anything with it till I'm done the Yak Hat - that project is made up almost entirely of the black (okay, really it's incredibly dark green) that goes with this set.

Meanwhile: I am just really enjoying the way four cakes of similar handspun look all lined up on the porch at home.

I'm looking at this yarn and wondering what to make, and I'm thinking about podcasts and wondering whether to start doing some.

It might be fun for me to speak some of my blog posts instead of writing them down - or rather, to free-associate for five minutes.  And it might be fun for you to hear my voice once in a while too in between photographs of yarn on a porch.

What do you think?


JackieLemon said...

I would love to hear your voice on a podcast. I say go for it!

Su said...

I like photographs of your porch!

Laurinda said...

I think this pattern would be perfect for your yarn! I'd like to hear you rambling on a podcast, too. I feel like I could use more fibery inspiration lately :-)

Mary Keenan said...

I can talk endlessly at any time, but if I did a video thing I'd have to make time for a haircut first. I've been too swamped since last June! we are reaching Rapunzel levels here.