Monday, October 5, 2009


Last winter I discovered I needed a vest and, since I couldn't find a pattern in the shape I needed, I started designing one of my own. But I got bogged down and still hadn't finished by June and finally frogged it, and now it's October.

And I'm cold.

And I appear to be knitting socks.

So I went to a big box store yesterday and pretty much immediately spotted as close to the exact vest I wanted - on sale no less! - as I was likely to find anywhere, which I took as a sign. It's mostly what I needed, in that it's grey and very long and slim and hides any excess chocolate consumption, and some of what I don't, in that it's 100% acrylic and seems to pick easily. And it came with the cheapest, ugliest buttons you ever saw in your life. (really, seeing them isn't enough - you have to touch them to know how bad the plastic was that went into them.)

Fortunately, I now have a cache of vintage buttons. Some of them are nicked up a bit, a lot because of all the vinegar baths they had to have after emerging from about 60 years in a smoky home, but some are still cute enough to go to work:

Here's a closeup of the original button:

And here are the replacements. I loved these buttons and was so upset with myself when I realized I'd damaged them - it's great to be getting them out of the box and using them in spite of my foolishness with all the vinegar.

Of course, I had the exact shade of red yarn in my stash too, for sewing them on. More to love about Knitterly Things!

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Kathleen Taylor said...

the comment about *hiding excess consumed chocolate, and some that wasn't consumed* made me laugh out loud.
Cool sweater and buttons!