Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Baby love

I was in to see my doctor yesterday and - though I didn't realize it until the receptionist told me - she's expecting her third baby! Honest, I could have sworn those were just really cool pants she was wearing; she's one of those people who just doesn't show even when they're due in about 6 weeks, which she is.

So of course my first thought is:

must knit a baby present!

Swiftly followed by:

must also knit the second half of the baby present for another friend whose little girl had a little sister earlier this fall (matching hats; baby size still needs to be cast on)


really must knit baby present for another friend's baby girl who has got to be a year old now (it would have happened by now if they hadn't moved away, honest)


oh dear, not another Baby Sebastian scenario.

Sebby is the son of a colleague I had in 1989, born coincidentally just as I fell in love with an adorable pattern for a sleeper with bows worked in contrasting yarn across the tummy. It took me so long to knit and deliver it that Sebby's mother was able to drag it shut over him just once for a photo to slip into the thank-you card. I so hope Sebby had a younger sib to wear that thing.

oh dear. Sebby could have a baby of his own at this point, couldn't he.

Anyway when you're this late with presents, only a handknit will do, and I certainly have plenty of potential in the stash, but what to make? Baby Surprise Jackets all round? It's got to be something not too fitted since I probably won't see any of these babies to get the sizing right, and not too much like a blanket, which I'm guaranteed never to finish.

All of which is to say I expect to be knee-deep in patterns by noon. If I'm not back here tomorrow, send for help, wouldja?


Anonymous said...

I like blankets. I've seen "stroller blankets" that are smaller than some of the others I've made, and quicker to knit. They're good because they cover the baby in the car seat or stroller, but don't drag like a bigger blanket. Friends have told me their kids have used my blankets as the lovies! Best thing about blankets - one size fits all!

Mary Keenan said...

If I use superwash wool, will the mums be able to wash and dry them? Because I have rather a lot of some nice aran-weight that would knit up fast...

Mary Keenan said...

Wash and dry them in the respective relevant machine, I meant... sigh

Anonymous said...

I expect superwash would be fine. I always write the washing instructions of the yarn and attach it to the gift card. Sorry I took so long to respond, my son's school got the ax last night and yesterday was a flurry of media requests and speech writing. What a mess!

Mary Keenan said...

Oh ANGELA, mess is right! So stressful for all the kids when they do this stuff, too :^(