Monday, June 14, 2010

Damsels in spring

The other day I tried on the farthest along of the Spring Things and realized it won't fit very far up my leg, which must be the result either of the calf-creation exercises my trainer has recently introduced or of my going down a needle size this time, because Spring Forward uses way more stitches than I usually cast on for a sock.

Fortunately, this discovery coincided with my acceptance of the fact that I feel more in control of my driving when I'm wearing closed shoes, and that pretty much means socks, and at this time of year, that definitely means ankle socks.

So I just did one and a half repeats of the chart and got down to work with the heel flaps (some of which I knit while walking places - is there anything nicer in knitting than being able to walk while doing it?)

I have no idea how I managed to throw off the stripes so completely down the back of the heel, unless I accidentally did a few more rounds on one sock - something I'm sure not to discover until I get down to the toes. But I am really enjoying this Damsel colourway from one of the more recent Knitterly Things' sock clubs. Can't wait to see how weird-yet-matchy they look with my new grey dress!

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Kathleen Taylor said...

No matter how perfect your knitting is, or how exact the dye job on the yarn is, the stripes always get *off* somewhere along the line. I can knit self-striping socks that match totally all down to the foot, and then go all wonky in the toe. There's no rhyme or reason, so I tell myself that mis-matching heels (or toes, or cuffs) are interesting, and add to the beauty of the socks.