Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Best-laid plans

I guess enthusiasm is tiring - or maybe two weeks of stress and sleeplessness culminating in a near-all nighter to finish mystery project #2 is - because I didn't make it to the sofa after lunch yesterday, or to the nice short project I had waiting for me there.

I fell asleep! And when I woke up I was too groggy to knit. (and I woke up today feeling sick again after nearly kicking the cold I had two weeks ago, which Does Not Bode Well for continuing to push myself all this week. Maybe I should take a real vacation?)

But eventually my eyes rested on my beautiful yet impossibly slim Sea Storm laceweight and I decided to swatch it.

Swatching impossibly slim yarn is quite an experience. I couldn't see not using these 2.0mm needles, but I realize now I have to work with much bigger ones because the cashmere and alpaca will both bloom over time and they will need space for that. By the time I was done this much, too, I had gotten into the rhythm of moving the thread back and forth without fearing I'd drop or break it. So I'm sure I could do fine with bigger needles.

I still have no idea what to do with this yarn, though. It's saying Lace to me - Little Lace Scarf I think - but I haven't found a lace I like for it yet and I think I'll have to improvise. Sometime when I'm not groggy.

What I was very clear about: how much I like the purl side of this swatch.

Does it remind you of chain mail?

I can't help getting ideas about that, for maybe a reversible sort of lace. It means waiting a long time to get started though, because I'm pretty sure a lace pattern with chain mail in it isn't going to come leaping out of my head any time soon.


Kathleen Taylor said...

WOW! That's gorgeous yarn! I love the color. I can't wait to see what you make with it.

heklica said...

That's so light, it must be like knitting with spider's silk!