Monday, June 21, 2010

Spring, in time for summer

Ha! with just 26 hours to go, I finished the Spring Things before Spring was officially over:

Of course, making them ankle socks helped a lot, as did sitting for an eye-straining 8 or so hours of knitting on Saturday.

I decided to try out the spiral toe that Kathleen Taylor uses to such effect and not only was it way easier to do than the wedge toe with grafting option, it's way more comfortable on my foot. Yay!

Okay, I gotta 'fess up. I wasn't motivated by today being the first day of Summer. I had to finish these socks because I could not wait to get the variegated yarn onto some needles, and I already had all my others tied up. (sorry, Misha - I'm obsessed!) I'm trying something different with this yarn, a sort of Frankensock of all my favourite sock elements so far (yes, after just half a dozen socks I've started to get picky).

It's taking a lot of experimentation and ripping and rewriting, but so far I like what I'm getting, and I pretty much can't even think about anything else, which doesn't bode well for the next mystery KAL, or supper, come to that...


heklica said...

Well, in that case, I guess it has to be socks :))) I haven't knit a single sock in my life and I have been trying to resist the urge but if you continue like this, I may succumb to the temptation :)

These look lovely! An interesting colour combination.

Kathleen Taylor said...

and btw- you're not being picky, you're learning what works best for you as a sock knitter, and then using those techniques. That's A Good Thing.

Kathleen Taylor said...

Love the star toe- I never do any other kind if I can help it.

And love the socks! woohoo!