Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fashion tips for knitters

Lately I've been branching out into clothes with pockets. And I don't mean the kind you can fit your keys into or maybe your phone - I mean expanding world-traveler type pouches. Take for example my new kinda crazy summer jumper dress thing with puffy skirt, worn yesterday to a party specifically because of this quality:

See? It's puffy like this all the time, which means you can pack a ton of stuff in those pockets without anybody noticing, really. You know, like knitting.

(and yes, somebody did start laughing when she spotted where the yarn for my sock was coming from.)


Mary said...

I wanna see the rest of the jumper dress!

heklica said...

I've got a pair of combat pants (if that's what you call them) like that and it sure is handy. But no dress so far, lol :)))

Mary Keenan said...

The rest of the jumper dress is pretty plain, but I'll try to get a shot of the dove grey one I got the same day - the pockets are smaller, but perfect for the end of a sock when the ball I'm knitting from isn't quite so bulgy ;^)

Karen said...

Ah, too cute!