Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Community vest

Back in January Binnie sent me from Halifax the most beautiful vest, knit with a Fleece Artist blend of silk and other things, that in the end didn't fit her. She hoped it would fit me and boy did I ever share that sentiment, but no. The armholes were just too snug for us both. She suggested I rip it out and reuse the yarn for something else, but things were horribly sideways here at the time so I set it aside to ponder.

Yesterday, I took it out again and looked at it. I feared she was right and that I would have to frog all her beautiful stitches, and I started by ripping the seams. But guess what? The seams are in the shoulders! She knit sideways from front to front. Lying flat, it looks like this:

Henry and I decided that it would take very little fuss to pick up stitches at the top of the shoulder for a longer armhole. And from there, simplicity to pick up stitches along the neck for a collar so that part isn't weird. Right now it's a bolero length, but using the same picking-up method I could easy work down and make a longer vest.

Simple if you have yarn that goes with all of those fabulous colours. I looked, and looked again, and bit my lip, wondering whether the superwash wool I had Helena at Midnight Sheep in Wales custom dye for me (when I had a water-themed design in mind that ended up not working) would go.

Think it goes?

There probably isn't enough to do all of what I want. But maybe I can do just enough to put Helena and Binnie and me in one place. And I think that would be pretty cool!


binnie said...

Wheee!! Can't wait to see how it turns out. Do post a pic when you're finished.

Kathleen Taylor said...

The colors look beautiful together! Go for it!