Friday, June 25, 2010

Kathleen Taylor is brilliant

Last night I finally got around to booking the first of this summer's mini-holidays and realized:

I have to pack knitting.

Or rather, I have to pack enough knitting and not too much. I realize this is a problem faced by a ton of knitters, especially the ones who knit because they travel all the time or travel because they teach knitting, but I'm so used to planning for a day's worth of knitting, it's hard to imagine how much more I'll need for three or four days. Especially since a lot of what I wanted to work on in July is my own designs, for which I will need to be at home with all my books and needles and personally-brewed tea.

Of course I can always pack socks, which brings me back to the latest proof of Kathleen Taylor being brilliant. Yesterday she suggested that I do the Man Socks with a contrasting heel and toe to be sure of having enough yarn. Of course my first thought on reading this was:

But if I use up that much of the other skein that matches Man Socks so perfectly, there definitely won't be enough for the Bob Socks!

followed swiftly by

Plus, all my other contrast-potential yarns are straight merino, not the merino/nylon blend I particularly wanted for the heels and toes!

That's where the light dawned, folks: I can use the perfectly matchy contrast yarn for Man Socks, and for Bob Socks, simply by choosing one of my many straight merino yarns for the leg and foot of the Bob Socks.

Ha! And let's not forget the fabulous Star Toe instructions, either. Yep, Kathi's brilliant, and she's going to make my travel packing a whole lot easier.

(do you think a guy would wear bright red socks with denim heels and toes to important business meetings? because if not, I could maybe justify buying more sock yarn on one of the summer vacations, heh heh heh.)

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Kathleen Taylor said...

You make me laugh.

And you know, maybe when you get done with Man socks with Bob heel and toe, there will be enough of both to do the Bob socks in the opposite order... it could happen...