Friday, June 11, 2010

Spring voyage

With total disregard for more urgent projects I've been working away at my Spring Things, and made particular progress on one of the Things while watching Now, Voyager last night:

I've never seen that film and I must say I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected to, having heard it's a tear-jerker. But my goodness. Not to do any sort of spoiling but I had to laugh at the last of several installments of Boy putting two cigarettes in his mouth so as to light one for Girl at the same time as his own.

And I'm laughing again now that I've read the last paragraph of the Production notes at the bottom of the Wikipedia link for the movie, above - to think of that becoming a big trademark move people argued over credit for! To me at least, Boy looks anything but droolable with two huge white cigs hanging out of his mouth, and ditto Girl, eagerly taking one of them in lieu of an actual smooch. Saliva by proxy.

I'm pleased with the way the Things are coming out though - super easy stitch, big impact results. And also with the discovery that my tiny happy bark cloth zip purse is just the right size for one of two socks in progress. Lately I've needed some knitting to tag along with me places and it's great to have a really stripped-down package to tuck into an already-crowded bag.

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Sally Anne said...

The Spring Thing is looking great I just have to see if I can find the film in our local video shop....the cigarette and saliva exchange is a must see, and I need to start another pair of socks !