Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Not so fast

I snatched pleasantness from the jaws of un yesterday mostly by watching movies
(Bells Are Ringing, You've Got Mail)
(is there a theme in those titles there maybe?)
(and let's not forget that both girl heroes are blond, and both boy heroes tall/dark/handsome)
(not to mention the concealed identities)
(okay, enough theorizing)
and knitting.

But not finishing.

Well, I did finish the glasses case. I just didn't finish getting all the photographs of it set up the way I want for the pattern, and won't get that done today either, probably.

Meanwhile, being both compulsive and procrastinatey, I worked more on the new mystery KAL project and cast on for the new me-socks, HA.

The glasses case gave me the same trouble I had last time - how to decorate it.

Needlefelting is a good way to do that though because if you don't like the design you made

you can pull it right off and redo it. Which I did with this mess, but I think I'll make you wait to see what I ended up with.


Kathleen Taylor said...

Why don't you like those soft swirls? I think they're adorable!

Mary Keenan said...

You are so sweet to me ;^) Trust me, the replacement was better!