Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fear and trepidation, with bonus earthquake

I really only have one portable project right now, which is the Man Socks, and in addition to constant second-guessing of self regarding the wisdom of choosing 2x2 rib (mind-bogglingly slow and dull to knit yet ideal for gifting to a Man whose foot and ankle circumferences are unknown) I regard the Man Socks with


Yes. Because I don't know how long I can go on this ankle before I have to turn the heel in order to have enough yarn for the toes.

I had been thinking I could use up about half the weight of the cake - so far I'm only about 15 grams in to I think 58 grams. But does that view hold heel-turning and the yardage therein in sufficient high regard? Gah.

Worst case: I can plunder the matching denim blue yarn I got at the same time and was intending to use for a pair of socks for Bob for his August birthday (clearly, Not Gonna Happen). Might look a little weird though, just having it at the toe and nowhere else.

And I'd still like to try to knit socks for Bob.

Which means I really need to finish Man Socks soon. Maybe they should be my July travel knitting?

Or maybe I should stop sewing tote bags?


While I was taking pictures of Man Sock for this post there was a 5-point-something earthquake that shook the nearby building of the friend who called to ask how strong it was here and then had to explain to me that there was a 5-point something earthquake just minutes before. Yep, I didn't even notice it happening. I am way too focussed on knitting.


heklica said...

I can be of no help regarding the socks but let me say I like how they are turning out. And you made me laugh with the earthquake story - you ARE focused, lol!

Kathleen Taylor said...

Knit the heels and toes both in contrasting yarn (not necessarily Bob's sock yarn- any yarn of a good color and comparable weight). When I am afraid that I won't have enough yarn, I tend to knit faster, as though I can outrun the yarn.

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, so earthquakes were a part of my childhood, but I haven't felt one in years. I might not know what it was, if one happened here, especially if I was doing *something else* at the time.