Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Knitting dangerously

I spent much of the weekend problem-solving another tote bag and cutting out giant knit-friendly pockets to stitch onto some new dresses (more on that another day because I'm sure I'm not the only compulsive knitter who wants them), but if I had to leave the sewing machine I picked up Man Socks to take along. I knit at a party, in a driveway while chatting, in the car, and whenever my back was too sore to hunch any longer.

Newflash: two days of even partial attention, if consistent, really makes a difference:

I didn't think to get the other sock out of the bag but it looks much the same, with just three rows of heel flap done.

There was a lot of pausing and weighing and measuring and breath-holding before I decided to do the heel in the same yarn and not use the contrasting denim. And it may turn out to be a horrible mistake requiring ripping back, a decoratively striped toe, or simply gifting to a different Man with smaller feet.

But these socks are coming out gorgeously enough that this particular Man might wear them for smart casual, in which case he's sure to prefer a subtle, semi-visible heel to a sporty one peeping over the top of his smart shoes. Anyway I'm going to knit fast to see how it comes out.

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heklica said...

The stitches are so perfectly neat! You are a machine! :)