Thursday, July 1, 2010

(mis)adventures in heel-turning

I spent quite a lot of time wrestling with Man Sock heels yesterday. Here's how that went.

* * *

La la la la the birds sound so happy and I will be done both heels by suppertime!

Wait, why do I have one stitch left over on this heel cap thingy? I must have started the short rows too soon or missed an ssk or something. H'mmm.

(*frog, reknit, recount, still off. Repeat from * to end of row twice.)


(trek into house to get graph paper and pattern book and work out elaborate adjustment and pick up second sock to work heel cap on.)

La la la la wait. Why is this still wrong?

(more ripping and adjustments, more counting, more grrrr.)

(eyes drooping from near-madness.)

Need... tea....

(more checking of pattern, plus checking of other pattern books with similar instructions, plus excessive tea consumption, plus shift to another knitting place in case it is luckier, plus shifting back to original sock.)

(suddenly, a lightbulb: how about counting the stitches before starting the short rows?)


And how many should I have?


How many on that other sock?


Oh man.

(much forging onward, with nostrils flared.)

Bonus: a brief pause to photograph the beauty of the inside of the sock-gone-wrong where I picked up the heel flap stitches:

Aren't those two vertical lines of stitches on either side just darling?

* * *

I mean really. Two stitches? Two extra stitches in the heel flap aren't worth worrying about, are they. The overall number of stitches is the same. The sock will still fit. The gusset will just be longer in one, right?

I thought so too - until I got both socks back to four needles and saw that when you're working in 2x2 ribbing, two extra stitches really, really show.

So I ripped the offending sock back to the start of the heel flap. And today I am reknitting it... but I'll branch out and do other stuff too, like some sewing of the giant knitting pockets, and some swatching for future patterns, and maybe the mystery socks. Or a nap! It's a statutory holiday so I get to do what I want, ha.

Happy Canada Day, to those who share it with me, and may your fireworks be pretty and your knitting flawless.

1 comment:

Kathleen Taylor said...

I applaud your detective powers.

I would have faked it by K-ing 2 tog at the beginning and end of the first gusset rnd to get rid of the offending stitches. But I'm lazy that way.