Thursday, July 29, 2010

Travel knitting reconsidered

I think travel knitting needs to be subcategorized into two groups: stuff you have to look at as you work, and stuff you don't. If I can stand up and walk around and read the cards associated with different displays at the museum, that's good travel knitting. If I have to look at most stitches (I'm looking at you, travel scarf) then it's for the car.

Yesterday I was so sure I would get a hat cast on and finished in the 3 hours I had for my museum time, even while checking out 19th century china. But for some reason I'm sure had nothing to do with the giggling ladies among the naked torsos in Greece, I spent 90 minutes casting on and ripping out before gritting my teeth and sitting down near an elevator to get just the right length of tail.

Then I found another comfy chair among the Buddhas and knit for a while and was joined briefly by a young boy (I am guessing 9) who confided in me that

a/ his aunt had taught him to knit a couple of weeks ago, and he made a scarf for his sister and

b/ a boy called Brandon had just kicked him for trying to help another boy whose hat Brandon had taken.

I'm sure these two points were unrelated. Shortly afterward a little girl from the same group joined us and asked about my hat and who it would be for while the little boy and I discussed fear of heights and the secret to flying when suffering from same (his fix: close the window shade.)

Who says I can't multi-multi-task?

Me: because shortly after they went on to Egypt I looked down at my work and realized I would have to rip it all back, right back to the first row. Subsequent knitting got me to here:

but today I think I can knit it and walk and look at display cases in another museum, so I am not yet throwing this project into the I'm Mad At You corner with Man Socks.

Once home and able to work again, I didn't pick up Travel Scarf or Blue, but my spinning. It at least is coming along nicely the first try, don't you think?

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