Tuesday, July 6, 2010

En route

Travel knitting: never has it been so difficult to plan for. You know, I think I might have been on to something back when I only knit one project at a time instead of the 7 (I think, it might be more) that I have on needles right now, and I'm not counting the spinning. I'm really not so good at choosing.

I've been plodding away at the Man Socks. One gusset is done, the other nearly so:

Which means I'm onto the final run of knitting, perfect for a long car trip, if you don't factor in that I have to bring along the skein of denim yarn for the probable toe finish, not to mention my notes on a star toe, and ideally my scale so I know exactly when to switch over to denim but that's a ridiculous amount of stuff to cart along isn't it.

On the upside, I'm seeing Bob on this trip, which means I can get him to try them on and if they are really perfect they could just become Bob Socks and I could start over with new Man Socks on my return. Or on their completion - because they wouldn't really magically get done on a long weekend's worth of travel, would they.

(would they???)

However, I also had a Great Idea for a pattern for summer knitting here at Hugs, and if it works, I want to share it before everybody heads off on the last of their own vacations. So even as I want to finish Man Socks as soon as possible, I want to ignore them. This project is just one skein on one nice compact set of circular needles that won't stab into everything all the time. It's just not quite as mindless as a round of sock that is endless ribbing and stocking stitch, you know?

And then there is the spinning - I have to spin every day I'm away. One of my goals for today is to spin enough to fill the spindle so I can wind this lot into a ball for future plying - thanks guys for the great advice on what next! - and leave it behind:

But of course I have to take more fiber with me. Last night I spent some time pre-drafting so I can spin in the car if necessary, with a minimum of fuss:

It is a problem. I think I will ignore it by making a packing list, hanging up laundry, and getting the first few rows of the Great Idea onto those lovely circulars.

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heklica said...

I've read it and I can only say that I completely understand your predicament. I cannot choose, I'm terrible at choosing. Anything. If there were only two pairs of socks in a shop, I'd spend half an hour choosing which one to buy (which in the end would lead to my buying both!). Now, this of course is so complicated that I dread to think how difficult the actual process of choosing must be. Good luck! :)))