Monday, July 19, 2010

Off the wagon

Or do I mean on? Or do I just mean to confess that I have done no spinning whatsoever the past few days?

Not only no spinning, but no drafting, which is almost my most favourite part of the game. It's like petting a cat, albeit without the purr.

Possibly this is not how to wind up roving pre-and post-drafting, but I like the little swirly effect. I also like the visual impact of a large group of same:

That's the pre-drafted stuff up there. Can you see in this picture how much softer and wispier the stuff on the right is, post drafting, or do you have to be there?

Sigh. I was swamped with other things all weekend and again today such that I am far too far beyond exhausted even to look at my spindle.

(This is not strictly true; I did look at it this evening where it rests in a pile of drafted roving and melted a little before continuing to hunt for my glasses, which I keep not being able to find, in part because it's so hard for me to see mostly rimless glasses without corrective eyewear. And to think I could have used those ten minutes to spin, assuming I could stop at ten minutes, which I can't.)

I comfort myself with the fact that I did way more spinning than I had time for during the first two weeks, and rather a lot of spinning on the day I was supposed to rest. Actually I probably won't be able to touch my spindle again until Friday, which pains me because I am a chronic rule-follower.

On the positive side, I think I did find the perfect stitch for my handspun, and in the 3 minutes left before I fall into bed and start dreaming of self-cleaning sheep I'm going to stitch a row or two so I can tell for sure.

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