Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Freeeee! and now, to work

Ha! Today I finally mailed off a project proposal that has taken about two weeks to sort out. Technically I should finish typing up my notes before I do anything else, but practically - I need some personal knitting time. Or rather, some spinning time.

Never mind that Tour de Fleece is still on: I am frantic to cast on my handspun project and probably don't have enough yarn spun yet to get through Part One. I have to finish the rest so I can just knit knit knit.

Also tormenting me is the fact that Bob is coming over in about two hours and, if I was done one of the Man Socks, I'd be able to try it on him and see if it really is too short. But remember when I threw them across the car on my way home from vacation? I never picked them back up again (except to bring them into the house to perch in the I'm Mad At You corner.) This is a totally wasted opportunity because I won't see Bob again before his birthday (or even then, really) so if I make him socks for that auspicious event this is my only chance to ensure a perfect fit. Gah.

Yes, spinning. It's my only option, unless you count casting on my BSJ or working more on the customized variegated socks or getting the front left panel of my carrot cardi finished off or something.

Spinning or maybe doing more research on spinning wheels, ahem.

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