Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Looks a lot like yarn

First up: yes, I am pathetic. Having decided to stick with my pink sandals (red being the other option) I colour coordinated my knitting bags for the trip:

... plus two more that don't clash with pink, containing Man Socks. Yeah, I solved the decision-making problem by choosing three things instead of two (that's the sock design I've been working on for me, up there in the paler bag; I want to show Karen my progress since I'm seeing her on this trip as well.)

And now back to spinning. I did in fact fill the spindle yesterday, rather sloppily I admit:

which meant getting out the ball winder. I tossed the spindle into a (currently empty) plastic juice jug to keep it from flying about the room during the process, and it mostly stayed put. Here's the result:

It amounted to 44g on the scale, which just amazes me. When it's 2-ply it's going to be almost enough to do something with!

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heklica said...

Wow, Mary, this is fantastic! It looks so more impressive when wound in a ball! Gorgeous colour, I'm sure you'll be able to put it to good use.