Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Today's travel knitting

This week I'm on the road a lot, so it's all about the travel knitting. Yesterday I tried out another stitch on my handspun hat which left me with a second really good hat pattern to knit with some other yarn. Sigh. Still looking.

On the upside, a security guard at one of the museums I visited was super impressed that I could knit and walk and look at the artifacts all at the same time. I told him it wasn't so much impressive as desperate.

Today: a really mindless super pretty scarf of my own design, which I'll be sharing here once it's done.

Yeah, I know, lace always looks bleh in progress, doesn't it? But I swear this stitch almost has man potential, even. Well, maybe. The random man I asked said he wouldn't wear it, but he's pretty conservative. I still really like this scarf, and even though it's a little more yarn to carry in my bag, it's a guaranteed win. After two days of handspun failures I need that.

And where, do you ask, will I be going today? Well. It should be another museum. But instead, I really think it's going to be a yarn store. Ahem.

After all I do need some different yarn for those two patterns, right?

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