Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sensory overload

Yesterday I was given an unexpected opportunity to visit Janie H. Knits, a really great knitting store near Perth, which is a really great town.

Being granted 15 minutes to roam free in a really great knitting store it like being told you can eat exactly three potato chips from a bowl. You're almost better off not going in at all - except that it's always better to be in a knitting store than outside it.

Janie H. has everything, and I needed a lot, so I got a little overwhelmed and hardly bought anything, and what I did get, I didn't get a picture of all of. In addition to what's pictured here I bought a second set of River John dpns in a size I probably didn't need but am glad to have more of because I looooove those needles so much.

I wanted more Rowan Felted Tweed for the next hat project, so that's now ready to go as soon as I get back home to my pattern notes. And - wooooo! - I treated myself to a Namaste circular needle case. I've wanted one for a while but they're always sold out when I look for them, so I wasn't going to pass this pink one up.

I also bought a single wood button, not having time to find more that are sort of matchy to its uniqueness.

And in the final seconds, I bought this for future mansocks, thereby resolving the yardage for large-size socks issue:

I realized this was a mistake the moment I got back into the car and compared it to the yarn I am using for the current Man Socks. The new yarn: very fine, way finer than the current yarn. The current yarn: still a little loose even on 2mm needles. Darn my ridiculously relaxed knitting tension! and since I'd spent 45 minutes doing all this instead of 15, I was in no position to ask to be allowed to go back inside.

Fortunately, Karen has the opposite problem with ridiculously loose tension, plus a resident man for whom she frequently knits socks. So I gave the yarn to her good home and she taught me how to solve all my spinning problems, an excellent trade about which I'll tell you more tomorrow, because I have to go right now and hunt up a good pancake house.

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