Monday, July 12, 2010

Spinning in transit

Over the weekend I did a lot more work on ManSocks and tried them repeatedly on Bob, whose feet are a little shorter than Man's, but just about as wide (they both wear 'wide' shoes, so I'm assuming they are similar) and it was

so depressing.

Because even though I am knitting the largest size in The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns, they are a little snug through the foot on Bob. Yes, I can decrease less at the gusset for his socks, but it's too late for Man's unless I rip back (and maybe they'd be okay as they are, because trying on socks with the needles still in does cost a bit of width where the needles pull up at the corners, right?) but then I'd be using up even more yarn, and look what's left as it is:

Yes. Also, I'm getting really sick of knitting ribbing. So partway home from the holiday I threw them across the car and dug out my spinning, even though I'd already put in my Tour de Fleece duty for the day. Yes, Karen did tell me that she's not able to spin in the car because she gets car sick, but that sounded a lot like a dare. Doesn't that sound like a dare?

Well, I didn't get car sick.

But I wouldn't want to spin in a Corvette. You really want some height in your chair when you're spindling, so you can just go and go. When I got home and got all this off the spindle I worked out the frustration by sitting on a table to start filling it again, but yesterday when I was digging out stuff so I can spin on the porch, I dug out this chair for the kitchen:

Because a girl should be able to spin while making supper, don't you think?

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