Monday, July 5, 2010

Help! I'm spinning

Spinning is totally addictive, even when you're awful at it.

Here's what I got in about an hour on Saturday:

A lot of it is thread, but I was able to go longer without having to do joins than I remember doing before.

Debbie suggested I try pre-drafting to a heavier weight so as to avoid the thread issue, so I did that for an hour on Sunday:

Obviously I've got a long way to go before I have actual yarn, but I can see I am reaching one less celebratory milestone: having no more space on the spindle.

Seriously, what do I do with this stuff? Should I rewind it onto some sort of spool and keep going or leave the break and spin a few cones together at the joins when I finally run out of fiber, or what?


Kathleen Taylor said...

#1- it's yarn already (and it looks far better than my first yarns, which were lumpy and overspun)
#2- what trouble are you having with joins? Maybe I can help
#3- you can wash and set it with weight and use it as is, or you can spin another spindle full and ply it
#4- knit with it, of course...
#5- or needlefelt it
#6- or just save it and admire it because it's your first yarn!


Mary Keenan said...

The joins are going okay! And I option #3 sounds good to me - doing another spindle's worth and doing a 2-ply. 3-ply might be a bit much at this weight, don't you think?

Kathleen Taylor said...

3-ply will be bulky at that weight. It's going to bloom quite a bit anyway (I'm always surprised at how *big* my yarn getsafter washing). You're doing wonderuflly!