Thursday, July 15, 2010


Designing is so much like writing - sometimes you get a rush of inspiration and everything just flows perfectly in the first draft, and most of the time it's hard work and you wonder why you are bothering in the first place.

Last weekend I spent two days struggling with one very tiny accent idea that failed horribly, so I don't know why I was surprised to spend all of yesterday trying (and still failing) to realize another tiny idea. Even on a seven stitch row I found opportunities to improve stitch selection or increase techniques, and that gets pretty wearing after a while. At about 11pm I decided that it was another Fail, and turned out the lights, and headed to bed - where I realized it wanted to be something else entirely.

(this happened to me with my Candy Wrapper Scarflet, which I originally intended to be upside down and thought was a disaster until I realized it was perfect as it was, once looked at from the correct angle. So even failures can have their silver lining.)

Today I spent as much time as possible outside (even had a picnic!) and slaved over the idea again. Two hours took me one third of the way in, and I feel less doleful about the chances of being halfway through by bedtime.

Still, you can imagine under the circumstances how nice it was to get the July installment of the Vesper Sock Club in the mail:

Beautiful yarn, and the playing with of same: that's why I bother in the first place.

(still: time to knit a nice easy hat, don't you think?)

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