Friday, July 23, 2010

Very nearly done

Yesterday was supposed to be the hardest spinning day of the Tour de Fleece, and I found time to spin, which was hard. But mostly I drafted out what's left of the fleece I'm working on.

I'll have to do it all again since I could tell from the test bits I did that it's just not going to be slim enough - I'm trying to keep this batch very thin so as to stretch it out into a neckwarmer since it won't be quite enough for a scarf - but I'm a good way there and should be finished before the Tour finishes on Sunday.

My goal for all this was to learn to spin viable yarn, but when that actually happened I switched to the goal of spinning up all this colourway, and it's exciting to think I can pull that off! Mostly because it will end up being a rainy weekend at home.

And if I do finish... I have another braid I can start drafting for next week. Because I really don't think I can stop spinning now that I know how.


Kathleen Taylor said...

no, you can't stop spinning... ever...

Karen said...

I've been on a total binge lately. Not a lot of knitting, just spinning. I think I recall having done this last year around this time, too.