Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy happy joy joy

I am so excited about today!

Mystery projects 1 and 2 are all tucked up in my bag to head off to the courier this morning, along with the Man Socks I will be knitting between (and, let's be realistic, during) commitments.

The entire afternoon is unbooked, allowing me several uninterrupted hours to head off someplace quiet and be crafty.

I've printed off a pattern for a tiny project I can finish in that time, and set aside the yarn and needles to make it with.

Assuming I get that done, I have a blanket stitch project all lined up for the evening. I love blanket stitch!

While I'm doing those, I get to dream up ideas for mystery project #3 - the one with the longer deadline.

Bonus: there is just enough and not too much ice cream in the freezer.

Super bonus: I have stuff to look forward to. I bought myself three presents to celebrate getting my driver's license, and they should be arriving sometime over the next couple of weeks.

Super duper bonus: They are all knitting-related. Ha! More details when they arrive.

Ah, it's good to be a knitter. Hope your Monday is as delightful!

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