Thursday, May 6, 2010


Yesterday is the day my neighbours (the ones behind this fence) moved

... far away. Yep, as they were leaving, the first installment of the newest Vesper sock club arrived! And I do feel all of these colours about losing George and Wanda. They'll be spending a few years in England and I will miss them even as I experience acute jealousy about all the country homes and fabulous chocolate and niche museums they will have such proximity to. I love England. I just can't face flying there.

Anyway while they're off having a marvelous time, or more likely recovering from jet lag, I'm going to do some more driving and parking practice and then spend the better part of midday having doctor-type appointments, which means



If only I knew what project to take.

I could cart along the baby surprise jacket - I'm frogging and moving up a size which will make it a lot more enjoyable to move along the needles (the stitches were just too small for the yarn, if you know what I men?) and the needles I want to move to are Otherwise Occupied, but maybe I could find another option in my giant stash of duplicates.

Or I could bring the Carrot, the back of which is just 7 rows away from the armpits.

That would mean a lot of referring back to the pattern and measuring on my knee, not so sensible when I'm likely to be moved to three different rooms and back again over the wait.

Maybe I should slip the back onto a holder and bring along the fronts to start instead?

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Kathleen Taylor said...

One word: socks

No matter what else I am knitting, I ALWAYS have a pair of simple socks on the needles for road trips and waiting rooms and airplanes. Something mindless that I can work on as I wait, or ride, or fly.