Thursday, May 13, 2010

Nose, grindstone, etc.

Did I mention the mystery projects I've got going on? There were two, and now there are three, though the third can remain for now in the idea stages.

The other two, interestingly, have a deadline that coincides almost perfectly with my driving test. The one that's scheduled for two weeks from today (plus about 4 hours, as I type.)

Not only have I run into a few decision-requiring moments in the process of the one on the needles now - the second not having been so much as swatched yet - but ordinary life stuff keeps coming up and eating an hour or two here and there, which pretty much sums up why my Baby Surprise Jacket is still sitting hopefully in its project bag, waiting for me to cast it on again.

And I do have to cast it on again, not least because I realized I have another friend with an imminent baby arrival for whom I would like a second one, and you can't knit a second one without knitting the first, right? Or maybe there is a way around that and if so please tell me because I am getting

a little concerned

about the time. Which keeps passing. How is that possible? I keep reading things like "and time stood still" so surely there must be a way to create those moments.

Preferably in such a way as to permit the frantic passage of needles through yarn, which rules out "their eyes met" scenarios.

Man, I really should have taken the time to watch more speed-knitting videos. As it is I'm going to call it a long weekend and see what I can get done.

Have a great weekend yourselves and I'll see you Monday!

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