Monday, May 17, 2010

Still knitting

I had some great stuff lined up to share this week and then I got Struck Down


by a wicked nasty cold, so wicked and nasty I can't see straight enough to be able to knit. But I am determined to get some stitching in today anyway as soon as I can figure out how.

Unless you want more whining about how 'I cand breed wid diz doze' etc., I will make that the extent of my news for today except for this:

I owe fresh thanks to my friend Helena for sending me a little undyed superwash wool to use for swatching. I keep it on my desk all the time so that if I'm suddenly taken by the desire to work out a stitch sequence (this happens frequently) I have something nice and sproingy and fast to do that with, and today of all days - boy was that a nice treat. In fact I'm pretty amazed at how well it's holding up to all this attention.

And now I'd better go take some more meds for the hurty eye sockets and kneecaps because even though you wouldn't think you need those things in good shape for knitting, apparently I do.

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