Friday, May 14, 2010

Man socks redux


Bob (he of secondary Man Socks interest) is in town and dropped in last night, and I managed to get him to let me measure his feet without my having to say too much about why.

Well, he did ask what his foot measurement had to do with the winter hat I had just shown him, but he seemed satisfied with the explanation "pretty much nothing, Bob," before I went back to making glacier-like progress on the Mystery Project.

It's good to have a friend who will let you measure his feet when you have an excess of both sock yarn and pattern potential, isn't it?

(probably not as good as making raging waterfall-like progress on a Mystery Project, though. I'm guessing here, but I think that would be pretty awesome.)

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Kathleen Taylor said...

I have gotten pretty good at guessing people's shoe size just by eyeballing them. They sometimes wonder why I spend so much time looking at their feet, but I think they chalk it up to my reputation as an Odd One