Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Embracing the queue

It's taken me a long time to get the point of some of the tools at Ravelry, especially the concept of the queue. Up to now, if I liked something a lot, I'd click on Favourites to show some love for the pattern or project; if I wanted to make it some day, I'd click on Queue.

Then, on Saturday, it finally occurred to me that I could organize myself a lot better if I used the queue as an actual stack of To Dos.

So I did another hunt for sock patterns that fit the gauge I get for my vast stash of sock yarns on 2mm needles, which I've decided I really need to shift down to, and then I whittled it down even more to the ones that have the right number of stitches for my own feet, the top of the list being:

River Rapids by Sockbug and

Summer Sox by Cookie A.

... and then I looked over the rest of the queue and pulled things I would like to make soon up to the top, making this decision by referring back to my stash for yarn I'd like to do something with sooner rather than later and...

Honestly, why was I so slow to see the value of this??

I assigned actual colourways to each pattern.

So now, the minute I have sufficient free time to knit whatever I feel like again, I can cast on for socks or scarves and the only decision I'll have to make is which pattern I want to try first.

And in anticipation of this happy day (and recognizing that such decisions are not my strong point), I ordered a few more sets of 2mm double pointed needles in Harmony Wood from KnitPicks.

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