Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The awesome spring sale

The church nearest me has two Awesome Sales every year and the Spring one was last weekend. The sale is always packed with people coming in from other parts of the city because they work hard all year sourcing donations of everything you can imagine to raise funds for various charities - plus, there is an Awesome Baked Goods Table. We won't discuss the Skor square I found there (but I might just mention that if you find a recipe for such a thing, I'd love the link.)

This is what I spotted in the craft section this time, for $2:

Do I need a barkcloth rollup storage thingy for straight needles, with a ton more needles in it?

Emphatically no.

But I like having them anyway, and I especially like the little ruler that was tucked inside:

Am I the only one who had these as a kid? There were several designs and colours you could snap together for one long ruler with lots of different stencils for shapes, letters, numbers, and borders. I used mine for homework so it's funny for me to think of it being used for gauge.

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