Thursday, May 27, 2010

Na na na na na na na na Test Day

With apologies to Batman.

Okay - so, my bag is all packed up! Driver's license, credit card, Man Socks.

(No chocolate, but that's best since it's super hot out today and it would just melt all over the other stuff, not to mention the risk that I might weaken and pull it out for comfort nibbling in the middle of a three point turn or something.)

There should be something else, though... Gah! St. Christopher medals! Hang on -

Okay, those are safely in my pocket now. I am ready.

I'll be posting my test results later today over at the Procrastination Diary, so if you're feeling all invested in the outcome feel free to drop in.

What I'm really excited about today is that I made a good start on Mystery Project #2 last night. The yarn for it is just - wow. Yum. And no matter what happens this morning, I get to spend the rest of the week knitting it.

Even more exciting: I tried on the finished Mystery Project #1. I worried a lot about this one because it seemed like a great concept and the stitches worked when I did a small swatch but when I got working on the full-size version I worried pretty much the the whole time that they didn't work well together, and that the size would be wrong, and that the structure wasn't viable, and so forth. I really need to start listening to my gut more because this thing is awesome.

And potentially most exciting: as I drifted awake this morning I was thinking again about the project idea I'd had for our next mystery knitalong. I can't wait to get my hands on the needles and work out the details. Wouldn't it be great summer knitting to do a fun little project together?


heklica said...

Why do you need to take a driving test if you already have a driver's licence? I've obviously missed some important bit of information somewhere but never mind, wish you good luck!

Mary Keenan said...

In my province, we have a graduated licensing system that you have to complete in less than five years - you start with a written test that gives you permission to drive with another licensed driver in the passenger seat, and no sooner than I think 8 months after that you take a 20-minute road test with some city driving and parking to show that you're ready to drive on your own, and then you have to pass a second road test that has all the stuff in the first, plus highway driving. That's the one I did today (and I passed!!)

Kathleen Taylor said...

OOOOHHH! I was just going to come and send good vibes for the test, but I can see that you're way ahead of me! WAHOOOOOO!!!!!! I knew you would do it! That's gotta feel like the weight of the world (or at least a car) is off your shoulders.

Unknown said...

I'm so glad the test is over. I knew you'd pass, but it's just the thought of it hanging over your head. I'm sure you feel freedom now!

heklica said...

Now it's clear, thanks for the explanation. I wish we had tests like that, at least for some drivers!