Monday, May 24, 2010

Five hours for the Queen

There are now five hours between me and the blocking of Mystery Project #1, and being a non-rainy statutory holiday it's a perfect day for driving practise. GAH.

(also perfect for: planting, eating, seeing friends, running, hiking, more eating, putting in the air conditioner, vacuuming the month-old maple buds out of my car, and napping before fireworks.)

I will drive, because I am on test countdown now - 3 days, 3 hours - but I will forgo all the other delights of a holiday weekend and celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday with my fellow Canadians by knitting.

Apparently this isn't so inappropriate, because Queen Victoria was a knitter! Not surprising when you consider how long she held the throne - she had to be doing something relaxing, right?
Here is a picture of a bag she is thought to have knit, and if you can tell me how she worked out the stitches I'd be pleased to hear; the picture doesn't enlarge and it looks kind of tricky from this distance, to me.

Here is a little more information regarding her enthusiasm for knitting. Apparently she knit a blanket that is now in a museum - I'd love to see that. And she crocheted.

Royalty - they're just like us. Except for, you know, the real estate.

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