Monday, May 10, 2010

The Frolicking

I was sensible this year and went into the Knitter's Frolic with a list and a scrap of yarn and a ball band, and I carried it around in one hand looking like I was in a grocery store, which I might as well have been because the Frolic has everything. I mean, if you didn't have a list you would just glaze over and forget half of what you needed going in, because there is so much there you suddenly feel you need once there.

For example, I felt very strongly that I needed a loom just minutes before my ride was departing, thank goodness, because I also feel strongly that I would like to do a little loom research before I go leaping into that part of the textile pond.

As it was, my list didn't get nearly as much attention as you'd think it would from being in my hand for the duration:

There were a lot of very beautiful buttons at the Frolic, but I got overwhelmed and also distracted by the gorgeous shawl pins invariably displayed beside them. When I got home and realized I hadn't bought any of either thing I comforted myself with the memory of my enormous selection of vintage buttons in the basement, and the fact that I don't actually have a shawl requiring either button or pin at this time.

And nobody had any of the yarn I needed for the Carrot (or the other pattern, Ginny, I want to make from the book the Carrot is in.)

But I did get some stuff not on the list. Like a couple of little treats for Trish, who couldn't come:

The journal is a Mary Engelbright design and I bought a different one for myself because her stuff is just so happy. The gravel is part of the entryway to the Japanese Cultural Centre - the cherry blossoms outside from one of the trees in the garden outside. This is a gorgeous place to spend an afternoon even when it's not full of fiber.

Another thing I got for both of us:

Yes, they are pill cases... but they were labeled 'stitch marker cases' and I just thought that was too clever to pass up. I got home and put my most favourite stitch markers right into mine, leaving the rest as backup in the boring opaque plastic camping case thingy they all crowded into before.

and yes, I did get some other things. Like needles, ahem. And some yarn, too - but that's too special not to have its very own entry so you'll have to stay tuned, heh heh heh.


Kathleen Taylor said...

I love it all, but I especially love the Stitch Marker cases.

heklica said...

What beautiful things you got! I like the stitch marker cases too - I've just realized I have a box similar to those and I didn't know it was a pill case! That is to say, stitch marker case :)