Friday, May 7, 2010

Making a (frolicking) list

Tomorrow is my local Knitter's Frolic, where you can shop at every LYS for miles all under one (architecturally stupendous) roof and take classes too.

Last year, I took classes in spinning and pattern-making, and I bought a lot of yarn - bliss! but this year I am booked solid with driving practise and also, I have rather a lot of yarn, so I was thinking of not going.

But... it's the Frolic.

And I realized there are a few things I need after all, like

buttons for the baby surprise jacket

Soak to accompany said jacket

buttons for the Carrot cardi

a big show button for Something Else

some more yarn for the Carrot cardi.

Yep, it looks like I might not have bought quite enough, especially if I want to make it a bit longer through the body (probably.) Naturally my chances of getting the same dye lot are nil - I'll be lucky to get the same colour - but the cardi has cuffs and a button band and a shawl that could all be knit in a different dye lot without too much ruination, don't you think? And I could extend the body with the same yarn.

And maybe I won't need to use the extra yarn on the cardi at all, and I can knit it up with a second yarn into a matching scarf and hat set, for those late fall days when I really can't face my winter coat.

Ha! Poised to Frolic, that's me.


heklica said...

Lucky you! What promises, what intriguing workshop titles! I wish I lived closer :) Have a good time and please post a report with photos :)

Unknown said...

Boy, I'm so jealous! We have nothing like that around here. Have a wonderful time.