Monday, November 29, 2010

All done


Just in time for Christmas, SUSP is leaving me for a full and happy life elsewhere. I boxed it up yesterday, and today it is beginning its journey via the courier office near my trainer's.

(This a good time, in fact, to acknowledge Carol's contribution: twice-weekly sets of wrist curls to ward off carpal tunnel. Couldna dunnit without her!)

Yesterday post-boxing ceremonies I went off on a road trip to see the CP holiday train, which in the event looked much like last year - and that's lucky, because my camera gave me Full Battery signals all the way until the train was pulling in, and then changed its mind. It's hard to get pictures of a lit-up train at night, anyway, unless you have a much better camera than I do.

This year, my friends and I went to a smaller town to see the train (the logistics seemed a little safer than cars moving over muddy unlit trainyard grounds through crowds of people with strollers and toddlers) which was awesome mostly for train reasons but also for the knitting opportunity.

I was just so anxious to finish Clockwork. This is how far I got before we lost the light at the end of the afternoon:

and then I worked on in the dark, making surprisingly few mistakes. I got all but the last row done before getting home again, and then I stayed up too late (I'm seeing a pattern here) to cast off and run in the ends.

So that's done. But I'll show Finished pictures later, when I have some. And hopefully, when that happens, I'll also be able to tell you how I fixed the problem I'm having with it, le sigh.

First though: gotta make my Christmas knitting plan, because wow, are we ever getting close to the big day.

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heklica said...

A holiday train! What a great idea! (I must have missed the last year's post :( )

Clockwork is a real feast for my eyes, I love it so much. I sigh every time I see it, le sigh :)