Monday, November 8, 2010

Finish Line

I knit in installments throughout Saturday and got this:

You may notice that my uncle's eyeglass case is now striped horizontally. Yes. Well, when I was nearing the end of my aunt's and compared the length to the finished one for my uncle, I noticed that the stranding had pulled his case to the ideal finished width - which means it would have felted to the right size for a very special pen.

(which in fact wouldn't be a bad idea for this particular uncle.)

Still. Principle! I wanted a matchy gift, so I frogged back to the solid blue and striped it the other way.

News You Can Use: stranding takes up more yarn than row by row striping.

Both cases were dry enough by Sunday afternoon for their 'After' glamour shot:

Once again, the tab part stretched out hugely long in the washer. But that's a bonus because it means you can machine stitch on a bit of Velcro and then fold up the tab and tack it to hide any messy stitching.

In fact, I happened to have thread that exactly matched both cases, so I decided to machine stitch the tabby part closed.

Gift bonus: the machine stitching was done on the 1940s Singer I've used for all 20 of the years since this aunt's mother downsized and they gave her machine to me. Sweet, yes?


heklica said...

One for a boy and one for a girl :) Cute!

Sally Anne said...

These are fabulous...brilliant for an IPhone too.